‚ÄčJeremiah's Kitchen 

Open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10:30am - 8:30pm.

Call to order - 618-993-7780.  Located at 714 N. Carbon St. Marion, IL.

What's a chicken finger?

We are so glad you asked!  Also known as chicken tenders, strips, or filets in other parts of the country, chicken fingers are one of the favorite comfort foods of America.    

What makes our chicken fingers so original?

Our chicken fingers are fresh; they do not come out of a box in the freezer, and they are definitely not made in a factory.  We cut raw chicken into "fingers" right here in our restaurant which then goes directly into our original marinade where it soaks in all of the flavors that make it so juicy and delicious.  Finally, it is hand-battered in our original breading right when you order it.  Yes, you read that right - all of our chicken fingers are made to order!  Our chicken fingers are juicy, crispy, and of course - gluten-free! Paired with one of our variety of dipping sauces, we are sure you will be coming back for more of our original fingers.